Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning

This is the perfect service for items you want delicately cleaned and returned pressed and on a hanger (this service includes both Dry Cleaning or Laundry & Ironing).

Enjoy premium cleaning from the comfort of your home and never go to the dry cleaners again.


How it works

Stain detection

Our specialists have decades of experience in detecting and treating stains with organic chemistry so your garments are returned pristine.

Expert care

We follow the care label (and know what all the symbols mean!) so your clothes receive the optimal cleaning treatment and last for years to come.

Press & hung

Your clothes are crisply pressed, put on hangers, and placed in your protective garment bag, ready to wear upon delivery.


      Formal Shirts                                    33       _________________________________________
       Polo                                                   25       _________________________________________
      Sweater                                             44       _________________________________________
      Jacket/Blazer                                    60       _________________________________________
       Vest                                                   44

       Pants                                                 35       _________________________________________
       Skirt                                                   55       _________________________________________
       Shorts                                               35

       Casual Dress                                  65       _________________________________________
       Formal Dress                                 84       _________________________________________
       Coat                                                 85       _________________________________________
       Suit (Jacket & Pants)                      90

       Sheets/Blanket                              50       _________________________________________
       Duvet Cover                                   50       _________________________________________
       Duvet/Comforter                          105       _________________________________________
       Table Cloth                                     55       _________________________________________
       Bath Mat                                          25       _________________________________________
       Pillowcase                                        20

       Tie/Scarf                                          35       _________________________________________
       Talit                                                 55


We pick up and deliver 6 days a week, always between 9am and 8pm.

Standard         FREE

Pickup and delivery with Standard 48 hours turnaround.

Fast          +10₪ /kilo     

Add 10₪ per kilo of laundry for Next-Day Rush Delivery, for Dry Cleaning orders, please call us to consult

Leave your laundry to us & spend more time on what really matters to you