Dealaundry FAQ & Terms and Condition

1. What areas do you currently serve?

Our Laundry and Dry cleaning service is based in Tel Aviv.

2. When are my clothes returned?

Your clean and folded laundry will be returned to you within 48 working hours of pick-up. Note, if an item needs stain treated this may cause the Laundry Care Associate to hold a particular item longer than the 48 working hour period.

3. What happens if I leave personal items in my pockets?

We ask that you ensure all items have been removed from your pockets prior to pick-up. In the event that we do find items in your pockets, we will place them in an envelope/zip-lock bag and return it with your bag.

4. What if I miss my pick-up/ drop-off time?

If you miss your pick-up day, and do not notify the provider prior to their arrival you will be charged a 10 NIS missed-up pick up fee. This fee is to compensate your provider for their time and fuel expenses. You can avoid a missed pick up fee by canceling your pick up with your provider. Please note that you if you’ve pre-paid for service, you will not be refunded for missed pick-ups.

5. When do I pay for your services?

Services are paid for after we process your clothes.

6. Are my clothes washed with other people’s clothes?

Absolutely not! Each bag is processed by itself. We will never clean your clothes with another customer’s clothing.

7. What do I do if I have a delicate garment that needs cleaned?

If you have a delicate item that needs to be washed separate from your other items, please place it in a bag inside of your bag of dirty clothes. There is an additional fee for each delicate item you have since it will be washed in a special bag. You are 100% responsible for all the extra information we need to have on the items you send. There are no refunds on clothes that cannot be processed in the washing and drying machine, it is your full responsibility to check and inform us. Many expensive clothes like cashmere have to be dry cleaned or air dried, we provide all those services on request.

8. What do i do if i have items that are delicate and the label don’t indicate it?

It is your responsibility to write a note or call us to inform. We DO NOT take responsibility of damaged items. The same applies if there are no labels.

9. If an item is lost?

If proven so, you will be given credit on future orders. (Value to be discussed)